Is India Safe?

Crowds, Staring, Scams...Trash, Diarrhea...It's normal to have concerns about your trip.


I've traveled around India, alone as a woman for months at a time.

I had no idea what to expect. But I went in with a positive attitude.

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And I met so many kind people on my travels!

But I also ran into some difficulties...

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Dealing with scams...having people try to over-charge me...figuring out how and where to book busses and trains...The learning curve was steep. 


But I Absolutely Loved India.  And I Want To Help You To Love It Too!  

So I created a course that explains everything I wish I knew in advance. 


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How to Handle Crowds in India


And all you need in order to explore India safely, and still have fun, is a bit of advance preparation.

Get Confident For Your trip!

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