Script Analysis


Have you spent hours toiling over your script, focused intently, obsessing over every line and detail? Only to second-guess yourself?

You can spend hours and hours on your work, but your opinion isn't objective.

How do you know what you really have?


When you send your script out to industry executives, managers or agents, you want it to be perfect.  It has to be.

This might be your only shot to get read.

But how do you know if your script is ready? How can you be sure you haven't made critical errors that could result in not landing that agent, or selling your script?


In the ultra fake-polite land of LA, getting candid and constructive feedback on your work is tough.

But now you can get a reliable critique from someone who has read, analyzed, and rated scripts for top Hollywood agents.

With over 3 years of script analysis experience at top Hollywood talent agency, WME (William Morris Endeavor Entertainment), Roman is the perfect person to give you the honest and helpful analysis you need to take your script to the next level!