Hollywood Insanity

Searching For Meaning Where None Exists


hollywood insanity book
  • A Mixture of The Devils Wears Prada & Entourage
  • 100% Real, Non-Fiction
  • Sinister bosses...Crazy television executives
  • Dating Nightmares - A virgin to a major perv
  • Exclusive Look INSIDE Hollywood from an Outsider
  • It Started Like a Dream But Turned Into a Nightmare
  • But Instead of Getting Lost, Roman Finds Herself Through Her Hellish Hollywood Job
hollywood insanity book for kindle

What Readers Are Saying:

"I can't remember the last time I read a book cover to cover. Roman's memoir only took me a day and night to finish; I just couldn't put it down."    -Giuliana Lonigro


"Roman's superb writing, sassy humor, and honesty drew me in. The revealing way she painted the day-to-day life behind the scenes of Hollywood entertainment was captivating and eye-opening!"   -Laura Kamm


"Reading Hollywood Insanity is like catching up with an old friend who has a ton of crazy and hilarious stories to tell after a stint in Tinseltown."   -Sondra Rosenberg