Hollywood Insanity is

The Devil Wears Prada Mixed with Entourage

want the real story of a woman starting out in LaLa Land?

Then Hollywood Insanity is For You!

Everything in Hollywood Insanity is 100% true and real.

And The Truth May Just Surprise you...

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As a Black female, from West Philadelphia, Roman Lillie didn't know anyone in Hollywood before she moved to Los Angeles.  So landing a job with a big shot television agent, has her over the moon. But it's not long before the reality of working and dating in Hollywood sets in, replacing the glamour she saw from the outside.

What Readers Are Saying:


"I can't remember the last time I read a book cover to cover. Roman's memoir only took me a day and night to finish; I just couldn't put it down."    -Giuliana Lonigro


"Roman's superb writing, sassy humor, and honesty drew me in. The revealing way she painted the day-to-day life behind the scenes of Hollywood entertainment was captivating and eye-opening!"   -Laura Kamm


"Reading Hollywood Insanity is like catching up with an old friend who has a ton of crazy and hilarious stories to tell after a stint in Tinseltown."   -Sondra Rosenberg 

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