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The Ultimate India Survival Guide


Is india safe to travel alone, and how to avoid scams

What You'll Learn

  • Learn About Common Scams & How to Avoid Them

  • Learn how to stay safe on trains & buses

  • Learn the pros and cons of different modes of transportation

  • Learn about food poisoning & what to watch out for

  • Learn About Cultural Differences Including Sexuality

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Is it Safe to travel in India as a solo female?

After This Course You Will:

  • Feel Confident About Going to India

  • Know What to Expect from Hostels & Hotels

  • Know How to Navigate Crowds

  • Know How to Deal With People Staring at You

  • Know How to Handle Selfie Requests

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"This course is amazing. Not only is Roman a great instructor, she is highly entertaining. I can't wait for my trip to India!"  -Alicia Sierra

"Her tips for being safe and for the cultural differences is not only interesting but make you take a different approach to traveling...Great course and I would recommend it to anyone planning to travel to India."   -Kellie McRae

"Roman is an amazing teacher. She knows how to make a course worthwhile. I am not a new traveler, but still found the course to be very helpful."  -Anonymous

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About Me

Female solo traveler in india, backpacking alone in india as a woman

I've backpacked through India, solo for months at a time.

And I Loved it!

The food...the people...the culture...I enjoy it all.

The pace is slow and calm, which I find refreshing (usually, lol)