Why Rose McGowan Will Never Succeed in Hollywood

Rose McGowan is a true badass. But she can never succeed in Hollywood.

That's super clear to me after reading a tweet she wrote where she outed Ben Affleck for apparently knowing that Harvey Weinstein is a sexual predator.

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Here's the thing. No one just outs Ben Affleck like that.

I'm sure in Ben's mind, he was on Rose's side (at least he was back when he said that, if it's true). But her just completely, publicly, calling him out, means she won't play the Hollywood game. Not for anyone, even him.

Here's the thing that people know, but may only fully understand to varying degrees. Hollywood is a game.  It's a very polite, fake game, built on perception and sub-text.  No one voices their thoughts or opinions candidly and clearly.  I know because I worked in Hollywood for many years (starting in the mailroom at WME). So I heard all the lingo and things people say on a regular basis.

Hollywood lingo is designed to be abstract and confusing. 

If you need to tell someone you're not interested in a script or a movie project...Do you say, "No. I'm not interested." ? Nope. Not if you're in Hollywood you don't.  You say, "It's a pass."  What ridiculously obscure language.

Or if you call your fancy talent agent or manager... If they can't (or won't) take your call, does the assistant say, "I'm sorry. My boss isn't available." ? No way. In Hollywood they say, "I don't have him."  What does that even mean? It's designed to be cagey.


These are seemingly small examples, but they illustrate how restrained people are from being honest.  If you can't even say if you want to take a role or a phone call, how free will you feel to voice anything else?

And Rose McGowan, isn't just honest. She's candid. Honest would be to say that Hollywood insiders were aware of the Harvey situation. But no. She reveals details of their conversations whereby he references knowing of additional incidents (assuming Rose's tweets are accurate). 

So, sorry Rose, you simply don't have what it takes to make it in Hollwyood. You're too open and candid. Unless...

Something Actually Changes

Sex scandals come and go.  People are outraged, and then they forget. They move on.  After all, how long can you really stay angry and shocked about a problem that's so systemic and common?

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But here's what I believe:

  • I believe there's more sanity than insanity in Hollywood.
  • I believe there are more good, honest men and women than predators.
  • But I believe many of the insane predators are powerful.

So how do people stand up to their bosses? To the heads of Networks & Studios? What are the consequences? What are the reasonable options?  When the Evil is at the top, how do you root it out?

There's Only 1 Solution

We have to remember the truth.

There are more of us than them. The powerful are only powerful as long as they have our support.

Who is Harvey Weinstein without the team around him? Without the producers, assistants, actors,  directors, and studio executives that work with him, he'd be nobody! Just some perv on a park bench leering at women as they walk by. He has no power unless we grant it to him. (We defined as the sane, non-raping or groping members of society).

But this is not about Harvey Weinstein. The problems in Hollywood go so much farther and deeper than him.  Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby...many others.  These are not isolated cases.

This is true for all of the powerful but twisted and deviant executives.  They are only as prominent and influential as we allow them to be.  We're not helpless or without options.  We don't need them. They need us! 

Elijah Wood bravely came forward and exposed the pedophiles in HollywoodAnother rampant and disgusting issue that everyone knows about but ignores.  What has changed since this article came out in Variety over a year ago?  Nothing.

There's Only 1 Solution



It's simple. But not necessarily easy. 

This means a systemic overhaul whereby All of the Sane People Absolutely REFUSE to Work For or With the Crazies.  It's the only way.

As long as we make excuses, look the other way, and keep our heads in the sand, we'll just see more of the same. 

You might be thinking, but how can we know for sure who the deviants are? People know.  These things are always poorly kept secrets. The men who make inappropriate comments, who grope and rape women are always known.

Because here's the thing, it's actually possible to get change. There are so many smart and talented people working in Hollywood.  If we'd only stop playing the Hollywood game of hiring questionably-skilled friends and friends of friends, who only serve to enforce the status quo, we could see more of this.

But all people need to do is: STOP WORKING FOR DEVIANTS!  Why spend your life energy, in service to individuals who clearly don't deserve your efforts? Because that's ultimately what a job is...you're giving up huge chunks of your life to these companies and people...

It can seem like a daunting task... to quit working for a lunatic if he's the one signing your checks. But if his actions are vile and disgusting, are you willing to overlook that just for a few dollars?  Do you feel that powerless?  Look around you...You have options, you need only look for them.  Sanity can be found, even in Hollywood.  But not as long as the sane stay silent and compliant. 

Change is possible and even inevitable. If it is demanded.

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