Is India Safe? Thoughts From a Female Solo Traveler


Traveling to India can seem intimidating. I know because I once felt that way too.

Before I left on my first solo trip to India I had no idea what to expect but I also wasn't sure I could handle it.  I was worried about crowds, traffic, bargaining, and I was especially afraid of getting scammed. everything.  I had heard so many scary stories, I was worried I'd be taken advantage of.  Especially because I'm a woman and traveling alone.

But ultimately I decided to go anyway.  Fueled by my love of Indian food, and a desire to surprise myself and take on new challenges, I figured I just had to jump in and see what happened.

And much to my surprise I found India much easier to navigate than I ever imagined. Of course, mindset is huge here. I tend to be a person that doesn't stress too much when things don't exactly go my way, or when I have a lot of uncertainty around me, and that certainly came in handy when it came to visiting India.

Here's video from my first time exploring Mumbai (This is from my second trip to India, but first time in Mumbai):

And here's another video where I'm exploring Rishikesh, India looking for cheap finds. I really love how affordable India is if you're traveling from the States or most Western countries.  Here I am looking for all the items I can find for under $1 USD. There's quite a bit.

As you might be able to tell from the videos, I really Loved India. Actually not past tense, I currently Love India too. haha

But I do understand that not everyone is so comfortable when it comes to travelling around India.  In fact, quite a lot of it can come as a big culture shock if you're from a country like the US, or any Westernized country.

Even after I started making YouTube videos about my travels, I kept getting questions about India from people wondering if it is safe, and wondering what it's actually like for a woman traveling in the country.

So I decided to create a course on Udemy to help prepare travelers to travel to India with confidence and with ease. Check it out. It's 2 hours of lessons where I go through what I learned from traveling around India solo, from common scams and how to handle them, to how to find clean bathrooms, and how to book train tickets. I go though it all.  And with the promo code: INDIA15 you can access the full course for only $15 ( $10 OFF limited time only)

India: How to Travel Safely & Still Have Fun

Happy Travels!