5 Travel Items I Can't Leave Without!

In order to pack lightly it's essential to pack smart.  That means only packing items that you really need, and that will enhance your travel experience.  I haven't always done this. But after sweating, nearly breaking my back, and falling down some stairs struggling with a huge bag, full of crap, I've learned my lesson.  


So now, everything that makes it into my bag must serve a purpose. 

And these are 5 things I never want to travel without.

#1 Waterproof shoes  

I always pack my Crocs.  And here's why: Although I think they can look a bit dorky, I love these shoes.  They're so practical since I can use them in the shower as well as a rainstorm.

Although most people travel with waterproof flipflops, those aren't too helpful in a monsoon or a deep puddle since they can easily slide off.  No need to worry about that with these shoes. They fit snugly and stay-put.

#2 Reusable Cutlery

Traveling around India and Nepal really made me more conscious about trash, and wanting to minimize the amount I'm throwing out on. 

I love traveling with my own utensils. Usually I actually just bring a spoon and a fabric napkin which is all I need. It really comes in handy when I'm on the go.

#3 Water Bottle

I'm not a fan of plastic bottles. I usually feel like I can taste it in the water.  

I absolutely loved using this glass bottle. At least, I did until I broke the cap. I actually dropped the bottle from the top bunk of a bed in a hostel in India. And the bottle didn't even break.  The glass was fully intact.  The cap...that's another story. It cracked, and a piece broke off, making it unusable.  I was so sad. The bottle actually comes with multiple lids but I only brought 1 on the trip (Of course I was trying to pack lightly, and the bottle itself is already heavy since it's glass).

#4 The perfect backpack

I love this backpack. That's because it has wheels & a detachable day-pack.

After breaking my back with traditional backpacks, I was desperate for something different. And since I got the bag nearly 6 months ago, I've only used it as a backpack once, but I like having the option. And I carry the daypack nearly everywhere I go since it has a pouch for my laptop.

#5 Bed Sheet Protector

I really wish I had one of these. This is one that I've seen other travelers using, and I've been jealous.

This is really ideal for traveling and staying in hotels or hostels where you can't be certain about cleanliness. Unfortunately for me, I didn't learn about this until after I was traveling